Research and experience show that individuals and couples who experience infertility commonly experience sadness, anxiety, irritability, loneliness, stress, and frustration in response to their situation. It’s important to know that these emotions, though painful, are natural and normal, and you don’t have to work through them alone.

Our Team

Counseling is an integral part of fertility treatment, and our services are designed specifically to help you through the difficult times.

Our counseling services are tailored to help remedy the uncertainty you may face when addressing your fertility options, to help get your life back on track, to stop living in ’28 day cycles’, and to help you feel in control of your life once again.

When To See A Fertility Counselor

A fertility counselor can help individuals and couples:

  • Who need help coping with the stress of fertility treatments and the uncertainty of outcome
  • Who have experienced one or more unsuccessful cycles and need to vent and receive advice from a professional who understands
  • Who have experienced miscarriage
  • Whose infertility challenges are causing distress and disruption in their lives
  • Who are having difficulty dealing with infertility for any reason, at any time

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