In-House Mind/Body Service

How We Can Help: Newlife Fertility Centre offers a wellness program because treating infertility means taking care of the physical and emotional symptoms that often accompany treatments.

We offer innovative programs that coordinate with your fertility treatments – our services enhance your chance of a healthy, full term pregnancy

We strongly recommend counseling sessions with a psychologist (after a failed treatment cycle) for support as you grieve and teaches you coping skills to use during your next attempt.

Our acupuncturists increase the efficacy of your fertility treatments (just before and after IVF/IUI) and decrease physical symptoms such as cramping or headaches. Data from a recent study shows that pregnancy rates increased by 17% for women who receive acupuncture before/after treatments (compared to those who did not).

Our nutritionists help patients gain or lose weight for IVF, manage PCOS, and provide guidance on how eat a healthful, balanced diet.

We invite you learn more about these helpful and effective modalities that can enhance your fertility success.

Our Fertility Treatment & Wellness Services


Learn how our in-house fertility acupuncture sessions before and after IUI and IVF procedures can enhance your chances.

Fertility Counselling

Hear about our staff of psychologists, who specialize in all aspects of women’s health, infertility, and pregnancy loss.

Nutrition Program

Whether your goal is to manage weight, PCOS, or to develop a plan for a healthy pregnancy, our nutritionist can help.

Fertility Diet Advice

See what a well-balanced diet looks like and how healthy eating can “level the playing field” while undergoing treatment

Stress and Infertility

Learn about the correlation between stress and infertility and how decreased stress is linked with higher fertility rates.

Fertility support group
Fertility support group
Fertility support group

The focus of this group is to provide infertility support with an emphasis on emotional support and education.