LGBTQ planning

The desire to have a child is natural for many adults, regardless of their orientation. Our mission is to obtain the best possible fertility outcome for you, by providing you with exceptional reproductive health care in our comfortable, welcoming, and inclusive environment.

Often for members of the LGBTQ community, fertility is not an issue but the journey to create a baby requires accessing treatments through a fertility center. Recognizing these unique needs, NewLife fertility actively encourages patients to exercise choice in tailoring the investigations to suit their goals. LGBTQ couples and individuals who wish to become parents can access several treatment options including using donor sperm or eggs, gestational carriers, traditional surrogacy, or directed egg donation from one partner to another. Our goal at the NewLife fertility clinics is to make this journey towards the creation of your family, as positive and special, as it should be.

If you have more questions about your family planning options, make an appointment for a consultation. A consultation is an opportunity for your Fertility Specialist to understand your fertility needs, goal, and for you to learn more about your treatment. To do so, please have your family doctor send us a completed referral form and one of our Patient Care Coordinators will contact you to schedule an appointment once received. You can find our Referral forms under our ‘Referral‘ tab. Or give us a call today discover what’s possible

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Family Building for Gay Men

At NewLife Fertility, we believe that loving families come in many forms. For more than 15 years, our fertility center has recognized the freedom in parenting regardless of gender orientation.

Family Building for Lesbian Women

At NewLife, we believe that all women deserve the chance to become moms. We have been doing this since we first opened our doors 15 years ago.

Family Building for Transgender Women and Men
Family Building for Transgender Women and Men
Family Building for Transgender Women and Men

As with anyone who wishes to start a family, it’s very important to plan ahead, especially men transitioning to women, to have a choice of genetically related children.

Donor Egg IVF

Most women experience a natural decline in their fertility function after the age of 35. Aging directly affects the quality of the egg thus increasing the need to use a donor egg to become pregnant.

Gestational Carrier

In instances when a woman is unable to safely carry out a pregnancy on her own, we suggest partnering with a gestational carrier to help in making the dream of parenthood come true.

Donor Sperm

Many individuals who may not have otherwise been able to conceive due to male fertility factor or lack of a male partner can achieve their dream of becoming parents through donor sperm insemination.

Egg Donation

There are several reasons why a woman may not be able to use her own eggs to conceive a child from not having any eggs to other complications.

Embryo Donation

People who have undergone in vitro fertilization (IVF) may have a surplus or extra embryos that they wish to donate.