Transgender fertility factors can be unique, and plans are customized for the individuals involved. Our doctors must consider all factors affecting your fertility before recommending options.

Considerations may include whether hormone treatments, specific surgeries or other medical interventions have been undertaken.

Fertility preservation may be available in certain situations, while donor programs and surrogate options are also available.

Please book a consultation appointment by having your family doctor complete and submit a Referral to us.

To book a consultation appointment, please have your family doctor complete and submit a referral to us. You can find our referral form on our website under the ‘ Referral‘ tab.

Complete Counseling by our Experts

Counseling is one of the critical elements in the provision of quality family planning services. Through counseling, doctors or counselors help patients make and carry out their own choices about reproductive health and family planning. It helps the Fertility Specialist confirm that the patients are ready to move forward with fertility treatment and protect the patients and Fertility Specialist in a court of law.

If Single
Prior to transitioning and initiation of testosterone therapy, there is the option to become pregnant through intrauterine insemination using donor sperm. At NewLife Fertility we believe in customize approach to every case. Our experts will perform in-depth evaluation to develop a customized approach that is a best fit to your needs.
If Partnered With A Cisgender Woman
If partnered with a cisgender woman, your frozen eggs may be used to create embryos, which are transferred into your partner, who carries the pregnancy (Partner Assisted IVF/Reciprocal IVF). Donor sperm would be required in this scenario.
If Partnered With A Cisgender Man
Your frozen eggs may be inseminated with your partner’s sperm, and the pregnancy would need to be carried by a gestational carrier.

As with anyone who wishes to start a family, it’s very important to plan ahead. This is especially true for men transitioning to women, who would like the choice of having genetically-related children in the future.

Hormone Therapy

Testosterone creates significant changes in the human body, including the ceasing of egg production and menstrual cycles.

If you have already started a hormonal transition, temporary cessation of testosterone is necessary to allow the re-development of eggs in the ovaries. The return of regular menstrual cycles typically indicates that the ovaries have returned to normal ovulatory function. Fertility may be restored if testosterone is ceased, but it is not guaranteed.

Trans men who still have a uterus can carry a child but will be required to be off testosterone, as it is harmful to the growth of a fetus.

Freezing Your Eggs

Egg freezing is a crucial family building option for transgender men who would like to use their own eggs to have genetically related children in the future. Because female fertility, egg quantity and egg quality all diminishes with age, the younger you are when preserving your fertility via egg freezing, the better the chance of a successful pregnancy in the future. There is no limit to the length of time eggs can be frozen. Once frozen, eggs remain stable indefinitely with no decrease in quality over time.