At NewLife Fertility, we believe that loving families come in many forms. For more than 15 years, our fertility center has recognized freedom in parenting regardless of gender orientation.

Building a family requires more unique care. Gay men require an egg donor, a gestational carrier (also known as a surrogate or gestational surrogate), and IVF.

NewLife Fertility helps coordinate surrogate and anonymous donor services based on your needs. Investment varies based on the agency selected as a service provider. You should be aware:

The donor banks are responsible for ensuring donor candidates have no meaningful health or emotional issues, that they are free of infection or communicable disease, and most offer the benefit of future availability. Information provided about the donor varies by agency, and on the depth of the donor profile(s) selected.
Surrogate or gestational surrogate services are similarly vetted and coordinated.

Our team of fertility experts and third-party team members look forward to discussing the option that best fits your parenting goals.

To book a consultation appointment, please have your family doctor complete and submit a referral to us. You can find our referral forms under the ‘ Referral‘ tab of our website.

Common Questions

It is normal to have questions in regard to your steps towards parenthood.

Your Initial Consultation
At NewLife Fertility we believe in customize approach to every case. Our experts will perform an in-depth evaluation to develop a customized approach that is the best fit for your needs.
Analysis Testing
It is one of the most important steps in IVF process. Usually, sperm analysis of one of or both parents is done.
Selecting An Egg Donor
We have partnered with nation’s largest bank and are connected with reliable agencies offering fresh donor eggs. All frozen eggs are thoroughly screened and investigated.
Selecting A Gestational Carrier
In some cases, family and friends are willing to act as their gestational carrier. Whereas, in some instances couple rely on outside agencies to search for suitable carrier. Gestational carrier is carefully processed after an agreement between the couple (intended party) and a third-party female (a gestational carrier). The gestational carrier agrees to carry the couple’s pregnancy to term and the baby will not be related to the gestational carrier. The intended parents are present and involved in the pregnancy, at birth and legally become the parents after the baby is born.
Genetic Testing
It is one of the important testing that is performed to determine that the embryos have the correct number of the chromosome before implantation in gestational carriers. Any abnormality can have adverse effect on the chances of successful pregnancy. Preimplantation Genetic Testing increases the chances of successful pregnancy and of a healthy baby at NewLife Fertility.

The Journey Summed Up

  • Meet with a NewLife Fertility specialist
  • Meet with your NewLife IVF Third-Party Reproduction team
  • Semen analysis for one or both partners
  • Decision on an egg donor (known or anonymous)
  • Choose a gestational carrier
  • Enlist an attorney that specializes in third-party reproduction
  • Begin an IVF cycle, which combines donor eggs and your (and/or your partners) sperm in our lab to create an embryo that will be transferred to your gestational carrier