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Our Concord, ON Team Can Help with Ovulation

Your Experts in Fertility, Conception, and More
At NewLife Fertility Centre, we understand the processing of getting pregnant comes with lots of physical, emotional, and mental strain. Whether you’re unable to get pregnant on your own or you’re struggling with emotional trauma related to infertility, we can help. Our fertility clinic in Concord, ON specializes in a wide range of issues that affect expectant mothers, men with fertility problems, and LGBTQ couples hoping to conceive. Our knowledgeable staff has helped numerous people over the years, with issues related to conception, ovulation, and pregnancy symptoms. If you need assistance with any aspect of fertility, give us a call.

Learn More About Embryo Freezing
We’re proud to offer a wide range of services and fertility treatments to our patients. Some of our in vitro fertilization patients may benefit from embryo freezing as they work on their family planning. About half of patients have extra embryos after undergoing in vitro fertilization. We can take these embryos, freeze them, and save them for the future, should you want more children. This treatment is especially helpful for women with cancer who are undergoing radiation. If you’re interested in this course of action, our team would be happy to sit down and discuss your options with you.

We Help LGBTQ Couples Conceive
Many LGBTQ couples need some extra help to have a baby. Since natural conception may not be an option, we’ll work with you to find a viable method for having children. We offer our planning services, as well as counselling, to find the right solution. At our fertility clinic, we can educate you on a slew of options, from traditional surrogacy to directed egg donation. We’ll ensure you understand each possible way to have children and help you make an educated decision.

Get Help Managing Your Stress and Emotions
If you struggle with infertility, you’re probably dealing with a lot of undue stress as well. The stress of trying and failing to get pregnant, scheduling multiple doctors’ visits, and communicating your situation to family and friends will take a toll on anyone. Fortunately, NewLife Fertility Centre is here to help. We provide premier counseling services for those dealing with immense stress as a result of fertility problems. Our team will help you navigate your complex emotions.

Contact Our Fertility Clinic Today
Don’t deal with infertility on your own—visit our fertility clinic. Located in Concord, ON, you’ll find our office off of Jane St. We’re just south of Legoland Discovery Centre, and you can’t miss our large sand-coloured building. When you come in for your first appointment, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff waiting to help you have children or plan for the future. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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