Complaint and Feedback

NewLife Fertility is committed to delivering excellent and high-quality patient care.

In our effort to serve you better NewLife Fertility Centre welcomes recommendations/feedback. We are always striving to continually improve and therefore any feedback that you can give us is very gratefully received.

How to inform us of your feedback

NewLife Fertility is committed to delivering evidence-based, customized treatment to our patients.

  • Please click the link and enter the details of the incidents. Please provide us with enough information so that we can investigate the concerns and incident.
  • Please be sure that all the names will be kept confidential and that the investigation will be unbiased.

You will get an acknowledgment of your concerns/recommendation within 2-3 business days.

Complaint and Feedback

Patient Complaint & Feedback

If you are a current NewLife Fertility patient and experienced an incident  report the incident

Employee Feedback and complaint

If you have witnessed an incident or if you want to file a complaint