Government Funded Program

In December 2015, the Ontario government launched the Ontario Fertility Program to provide funding to help eligible patients build their families. Access to funded fertility services is available for all forms of infertility (including medical and non-medical infertility), regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or family status.

Every single patient will have a different fertility journey. This also means that when the program says it will cover one full IVF cycle, the services that make up that cycle will vary from person to person. Your NewLife Fertility physician will determine an appropriate treatment plan for you.

This program gives patients with a valid Ontario health card the ability to receive subsidized IVF and/or Fertility Preservation treatment.

To learn more about this Program, please click here: Ontario Fertility Program

For the list of fertility clinic that participates in IVF Funding, please click here: Participating Clinics in the Fertility Program

For more details, you can also visit the Ministry of Health’s website at Fertility Services

For More Information regarding this program, please give us a call at 905-896-7100 and we will provide you the details about the requirements and eligibility.

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