Registered DietiTian

BASc  in Nutrition, MHSc in Nutrition Communication

Madison is a Registered Dietician with a BSc in Psychology, BASc in Nutrition and MHSc in Nutrition Communication. With over 7 years of work experience in fertility, she understands that optimal health is a key success factor for fertility and will work with you to develop a nutrition program that fits your lifestyle and optimizes your fertility results.

Good nutrition and healthy habits can help counter-balance the challenges and stress of undergoing fertility treatments. Madison has a proven track record of helping patients set and achieve healthy nutrition goals. Madison’s approach focuses on HAES (Health at Every Size) and she is published on the subject. She can help you form habits that ensure that you establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long run.

Madison can help you set nutrition goals to minimize inflammation, support your mental health, control blood sugar, support thyroid health, and more. Good nutritional habits will not only help you to achieve fertility results, but will also be beneficial to you and your growing family. Her program is collaborative and curated to help you achieve your nutrition, health and wellness goals and maintain them for a lifetime.

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